High Throughput Screening for Mantis and Tempest

High Throughput Screening for Mantis and Tempest

  • Capable of dispensing multiple reagents – Up to 12

  • Barcode option with plate stackers – load 25 plates as to yield 25 unique plate designs automatically

  • Homogeneous cell dispensing while avoiding shearing stress for your cell based assays & cell viability assays

  • Capable of dispensing DMSO

  • Capable of using deep well plates or tubes up to 54mm long

  • DOE: Easy plate Layout for your controls, blank, standards, gradient for screening

  • Very low dead volume (as low as <6ul) for automating your precious reagent dispensing

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Tempest is a flexible, high throughput liquid handling solution perfect for setting up assays with cells and a variety of reagents. Tempest can accurately perform uniform and quick cell seeding and even single cell plating for monoclonal culture. Deliver up to 12 reagents simultaneously through 96 individually controlled nozzles to drastically increase your productivity.

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Mantis is a low dead-volume, non-contact liquid dispenser perfect for automated PCR assay setup. Mantis can quickly and accurately dispense PCR master mix and primers, add markers, and set up controls in a 96- or 384-well plate format. Capable of dispensing as little as 0.1 uL, Mantis will allow you to reduce reaction volumes and SAVE on master mix.

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Other Applications: Cell Dispensing -- Assay Development -- Magnetic Bead Dispensing -- General Purpose Liquid Handler