Tube Holders

Six built-in tube holders are located at the right (2) and left (4) sides of the Mantis, ideal for large volume dispenses or frequently used reagents.

Plate Clamp

To ensure the exact placement of the plate, the Mantis has an automatic lock that will trigger before every dispense

Wash Liquid Holder

The built-in dual wash stations permit easy fluid pathway cleaning following dispenses. One station can deliver bleach or alcohol for sterilization, while the second station can deliver water for a final rinse.

Magnetic Chip Input

Mantis microfluidic chips will easily snap into place with the magnetic guides. Pipette tips can input directly into the chip for extremely low dead volumes (6 µL)

Dispense Head

The dispense head of the Mantis has clearance up to 54 mm for dispensing into deep well blocks.

Automatic Chip Changer Option

The Mantis can be upgraded to hold 6 chips with 6 different attached ingredients and can run a dispense alternating each chip for a more versatile dispense

Waste Receptable

During the priming process, the Mantis will dispense a small amount of the ingredient to ensure that there is an exact amount of the ingredient in the system to increase dispensing accuracy.