Motorized stage

The Tempest's mobile stage allows for versatile robotic accessibility for automated plate loading. The stage will adjust for the dispense depending on the loaded plate type. Coupled with the motorized Y axis arms, the Tempest supports nearly all SBS footprints plates including: 24-, 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates. Future models will include 3456-well plate compatibility.

Wash Station

The Tempest makes cleaning fast and simple allowing for maximum purity in every dispense. The system features a built-in wash station that runs column by column having the microfluidic chip aspirate creating a reverse wash to clean any particles using water or whatever cleaning solution you input. This reverse wash will force particles from the smallest opening back out into increasing larger channels. This ensures that there is no clogging or jamming of the system when used properly

Ingredients Inputs

The system is capable of dispensing up to 12 different ingredients simultaneously, and multiple chips can be used to dispense the same single ingredient to increase speed. To keep stocks fresh, the Tempest can be programmed to periodically recirculate ingredients without waste. For rare or precious samples a pipette tip can be used as a reservoir and plugged directly into the chip

Modular Dispense Head

The modular dispense head can accept up to 12 easily replaceable chips, each containing 8 dispense nozzles. This can be configured to match your application and budget needs.

Plate Stacking

The base Tempest can be optionally upgraded to include plate stackers. The plate stackers are 34 cm tall, which can accommodate stacks of approximately 25 plates. The system is bidirectional, enabling plates to be cycled in from either stacker.