A special offer for academic institutes from the market leader in protein crystallography automation.

It's common knowledge that academic institutions are constantly trying to balance the desire to provide students with every advantage versus what is feasible given an annual academic budget. Knowing that today's students are tomorrow's ground-breaking scientists, Formulatrix wants to help institutions like yours introduce students to today's leading automated crystallization technologies.

As such, we are announcing a new, competitively-priced academic package that offers a complete crystallization solution for your lab, including experiment design and overall workflow management with Rock Maker software; automated drop setting with the NT8 liquid handler; and top-notch visible and UV imaging with Rock Imager 1.



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Crystal Clear Imaging. Unparalleled Speed

Rock Imager 1 is an automated imaging system for protein crystallization that supports virtually every microplate format. This robust, easy-to-use solution captures superior quality images in a compact, benchtop unit. The Rock Imager 1 offers fast and robust visible light and fluorescent UV imaging.

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Your Crystallography Control Center

Rock Maker is a powerful yet easy-to-use software that manages the entire protein crystallization process for your team. Design experiments, set the automated imaging schedule, dispense with a liquid handler, then examine and score the images. Got a hit? Use Rock Maker to optimize conditions directly and build a new experiment.

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Reliable drop setting with active humidity control

The NT8 is a fast, compact, nanoliter-volume liquid handler with drop dispensing capability, including LCP experiments. The 8-tip head aspirates and dispenses drops from 50 nL to 1.5 μL. Dry dispense any volume between 50 nL - 1.5 μL of a range of fluids with CV´s averaging 5%.

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