Barcode Scanner

On-the-fly barcode scanner rapidly identifies plate information allowing for automated imaging and storing of images for your specific experiment.

Bright field illumination

Kohler light source with motorized condenser provides high contrast images with no sample heating and reliable drop location.

Automatic compound zoom turret

Multiple objectives are available for use providing large field of view with option to zoom into areas of interest. FRAP comes standard with two objectives (1.1x and 5.5x)

Two plate imager hand

For the FRAP standalone system, two plates can be loaded simultaneously where they both be imaged.

FRAP optics

The entire FRAP optics (bleaching laser, fluorescence light source and CCD camera) has foot print of only 15 cm x 27 cm.

Door sensor for laser interlock

For safety, the laser will automatically turn off when the door is opened.

Separated electronics compartment

The controlling electronic are located outside of the imaging chamber in order to reduce the heat effects on LCP drops.