Crystal Clear Imaging. Unparalleled Speed.

Rock Imager 1 is a base model Visible and UV imager yielding high resolution images expected of Rock Imagers but accessible to those with small budgets. The imager is integrated with a powerful software suite to streamline your crystallization work flow. 96 well plates are imaged in less than 3 minutes producing high resolution images with the entire drop in focus by taking advantage of our z-slicing imaging technology.

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A trusted and proven imager

A Trusted and Proven Imager

The Rock Imager product line is the most trusted imager in protein crystallization and is used by the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and many renowned academic centers. Rock Imager 1 is the entry-level model in the Rock Imager family, perfect for labs that want the best visible light and UV imaging but don't need plate storage.

Superior optics and intelligent imaging provide industry-leading image quality.

Crystal Clear Imaging

  • High resolution images are acquired with continuous zoom optics which allow you to tighten the field of view perfectly to the edges of your drops.
  • Draw Regions of Interest using the Rock Maker software, and Rock Imager will zoom in precisely to the area defined to capture a high resolution image at the next imaging session.
  • Visible and UV imaging are implemented in separate light paths providing the best quality color and UV images (single light path also available).

A versatile option for any lab

A Versatile Option for Any Lab

All Rock Imagers are compatible with SBS and Microbatch plates. Options for Linbro and Qiagen EasyXtal plate compatibility are available. Any Rock Imager model supports imaging LCP (or membrane crystallization) experiments including SBS format and thin glass plates. Drop location and high efficiency cross polarized imaging are utilized to aid in crystal detection.

Seamless integration to the crystallography workflow

Seamless Crystallography Workflow Integration

Designed to fit your existing workflow, Rock Imager integrates with Rock Maker or your current crystallization software. Using Rock Imager´s sister software Rock Maker, you can design experiments and dispense with your dispensing robot. After Rock Imager images your drops, view the images in Rock Maker, score them, and then optimize around hits to develop new conditions.

All robotic microplate handling has been verified to cause fewer vibrations than a person carefully handling a plate.

Minimized Vibration Conserves Optical Resolution

Image quality is retained even with fans circulating, motors running and air flowing. Without our dedicated design towards minimizing vibration, image quality would be severely affected resulting in poor image quality despite good optics. Innovative mechanical design, advanced vibration damping materials, and special motor tuning ensure extremely low vibration to conserve image quality and minimize disturbance to the protein drops.

Automated Solutions Make LCP More Accessible to Protein Crystallographers

Automated solutions have made LCP more accessible to protein crystallographers

Recent advances in automation technology for drop setting, condition screening, and imaging have made LCP crystallization considerably more accessible. This application note will discuss the three major steps of LCP crystallization including UV imaging and how automation technology is accelerating the use of LCP crystallography.

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Compatible Plate Types:

  • SBS standard microplate (127.8 mm x 85.5 mm x 14.4 mm)
  • Hampton Microbatch
  • LCP thin glass plate with adapter (127.8 mm x 85.5 mm x 1 mm)
  • Linbro Plate (150 mm x 108 mm x 22 mm) with specific adapter

Plate Capacity:

  • SBS adapter: 1 SBS plates. This option can accommodate LCP thin glass plates with a modification.
  • Linbro adapter: 1 Linbro Plate.

Physical Dimensions:

  • Depth: 354mm (14")
  • Width: 419mm 17")
  • Height: 621mm (25")
  • Weight: 41kg (91 lb)


  • RI 1: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 480 W max, 1 PH
  • Computer: 575 W max, 1 PH
  • Total Watt Requirement: 1055 W

Computer Requirements:

The standard Rock Imager controlling computer offered with the instrument supports imaging with continuous multiple focus level imaging (z-slicing) and processing of all images. Rock Imager software operates with 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows XP.

Rock Imager 1 Specification