LBO crystal oven

In UV-TPEF mode, the crystal oven controls the LBO crystal at a precise temperature to maximize a green femtosecond pulse laser output. Green ultra short laser pulses produce ultraviolet two photon excited fluorescent signal on tryptophan amino acid.

Laser Pulse Generator

A fiber based femtosecond laser pulse generator provides robust laser source. Laser is fully integrated with Rock Imager software, which completely get rid of any user tuning or any manual adjustment.

Door Sensor & Laser Override Key

That laser will be automatically shut off when the door sensor sense door is open. The laser interlocking feature can be overridden by the override key in order for servicing and testing.

Laser Pulse Compressor

Produces a laser pulse length for less than 200 femto seconds. The laser is fully integrated with Rock Imager software, which eliminates the need for user tuning or any manual adjustments.

Visible Camera

5-megapixel, 2/3" color CCD camera;
Captures high quality images at up to 25 frames per second.


The Novel design integrates SHG, UV TPEF, laser scanning together in an ultra compact foot print, and maximized effective numerical aperture.


The robotic precision stage has a repeatability of less than 5 µm.

Visible Optics

12x continuous zoom delivers a maximum field of view of 9.49 mm and optical resolvable feature as small as 1.6 µm.

Visible Condenser

A Kohler light source with a motorized condenser provides high-contrast images with reliable drop locations and no sample heating.

SHG Objective

Specially selected objective covers 2.3 mm field of view. Enough to cover most SBS standard well plates without image stitching.

SHG Collection Optics

The built-in two channel light gather optics includes a transmission collection optics for SHG and EPI collection optics for UV-TPEF. The optics are specially designed to maximize light gathering.

PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube)

The two PMT channels collect both SHG signal and UV-TPEF signal allowing for high gain, low noise, high frequency response imaging that is extremely sensitive at detecting light.

Barcode Scanner

On-the-fly barcode scanner rapidly identifies plates loaded in the system.