NT8 v4 - Drop Setter Announcement
Solution Spotlight

Eric Zhao , Product Manager at FORMULATRIX



This talk is taken from Protein Crystallization Automation Webinar Series. In the webinar, scientists from all over the world shared how our automation and software solutions have enhanced their protein crystallization workflow.


The NT8® - Drop Setter is a fast, nanoliter-volume liquid handler with drop dispensing capability, including setting drops, hanging drops, and Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) experiments. The 8-tip head aspirates and dispenses drops from 10 nL to 1.5 μL.


Besides the 96-well plates, the NT8 provides full support of 24-well crystallization plates for both sitting and hanging drop experiments. Multiple drops can be designated per well based on your experimental needs. This automated setup enables precise drop setting for better experiment reproducibility over hand pipetting while reducing time at the bench.


About the Speaker:

Eric Zhao is currently working at FORMULATRIX as a Product Manager for NT8 Drop Setter, his major areas of interest are robotics, lab automation, microscopic imaging, Laser application, and two-photon microscopic imaging. He has previously worked on the Ultraviolet fluorescence imaging system, precision robotic Stage, Two-photon UV fluorescence imaging, and visible spectrum fluorescence imaging system.