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William Wittbold

Ajinomoto Althea, Inc.
05 Aug 2015

My supervisor is already impressed that our analysts have hit the ground running with the ROCK IMAGER and have been generating data much faster. Our group workload is increasing and we would like to complement our ROCK IMAGER and FORMULATOR with the NT8 so move our crystallization projects along even faster, and also become a showcase lab for you!

…we’ve also doubled our throughput in a few short months thanks to FORMULATRIX!

Suraj Adhikary

Yale University
20 Oct 2014

No additional feedback provided.

Anonymous Review

Major Pharmaceutical Company
20 Oct 2014

There were a lot of initial problems with computer connectivity that were frustrating, but now that those have been ironed out, it images reliably. The addition of UV has been a useful tool.

Karl Harlos

University of Oxford - Division of Structural Biology
26 Sept 2014

The Formulatrix imaging systems are excellent, we have several in our lab and they all work well. I can only recommend them.

Wang Laboratory

The SkirballI Institute - NYU Langone Medical Center
11 Sept 2014

The ROCK IMAGER is a great time-saver. It allows us to quickly access 96-well trays for crystals. Also, gives UV and cross-polarized images if desired. It is so much more convenient and accurate than looking at trays under the microscope. It would be great if the hotel could house trays at two different temperatures but that is being greedy. The only down-side to the ROCK IMAGER is that the software price is increased depending on the capacity of trays that can be housed in the hotel. The software is the same regardless of number.

Maria Santos / Joao Possatto

28 Aug 2014

Everything works well. We never had any trouble with both products. We use it for crystallization of proteins.

Anonymous Review

Leading Academic Lab
27 Aug 2014

Fairly robust - can handle 4 degrees pretty well. Room for lots of 96-well trays. Shuffling trays from the port to storage and back is a little slow but it's tolerable. Camera sometimes has trouble imaging each drop individually but when it does, takes nice images of crystals. The imager works seamlessly with ROCK MAKER program, which is nice.

Anonymous Review

Leading Academic Lab
21 Aug 2014

Crystallization screening is easy to setup with Rock Maker and image quality is very good. Technical support team responded to my request in a timely manner and solved all the problems I had.

Wenru Zhang

Leading Academic Lab
11 Aug 2014

ROCK IMAGER 1000 (by FORMULATRIX) is an automated imaging system for protein crystallization. Incubates and captures high-quality images of up to 940 microplates on a user-defined schedule. The system also includes the UV modification allowing users to easily discover which crystals are salt and which are protein.

Young-Jin Cho

31 Jul 2014

It works great except some small troubles. I wish it can provide easy compatibility with other brand's products, such as the Alchemist etc., in an inexpensive way.

Qiang Zhao

Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica
24 Jul 2014

The ROCK IMAGER 1000 and FRAP are almost perfect. Very stable, very productive. Software is easy to follow, and the maintenance service is good and effective. Prices are a little higher than expected, but I have to say it's worth it.

Weifei Chen

Northwest A&F University
23 Jul 2014

We buy a lot of products for FORMULATRIX such as ROCK IMAGER (both 4c system and RT system), FORMULATOR and NT8 for protein crystallization when using this machine we do face some problems and once I even want to return them back but people from FORMULATRIX always try their best to solve the problems. Finally, I think FORMULATRIX is really a responsible company and they always try their best to serve the customers. More important, the products are easy using.

Rafael Toro

Albert Einstein School of Medicine
05 Jun 2013

We have had our ROCK IMAGER 1000 for nearly 2 years and have setup and imaged >7000 plates in that time. The system has performed very reliably over that span from a mechanical standpoint and the associated Rock Maker software has made tracking, viewing and organizing our many projects simple and easy. The seamless integration of our Formulatrix Formulator with the imaging system has allowed us to carry out optimizations in a high throughput manner as well. Just as important is that the service and support have been excellent, with most issues dealt with remotely and new customer-driven features added at regular intervals.

Anonymous Review

Major Pharmaceutical Company
30 Apr 2013

No additional feedback provided.