Lessons Learned in a Biological Core Lab:

RNAi Screening Optimization and Miniaturization

Join this educational live web event on October 25th, 2018 at 2:00 PM EST.

Hosted by FORMULATRIX®, this live web event provides a platform for experts in RNAi Screening from New York University and the Stowers Institute to share how they are utilizing key technologies to drive the efficiency and reproducibility of their core lab services.

Whether you are interested in optimizing workflows in your own laboratory setting or finding a core lab that you can trust to assist in your drug discovery workflow, this live web event offers the chance to learn from our industry expert’s experiences automating biological sample preparation.


Microfluidic Liquid Handlers for RNAi Workflows
Paul Berning, Sales Manager, FORMULATRIX

Transfection Optimization for Successful RNAi Screening
Chi Yun, Director, High-throughput Biology Laboratory, NYU Langone Health

Automation and Miniaturization of a High-Throughput RNAi Screen
Dan Bradford, Lab Manager II, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Q&A Session