MANTIS® ROI Calculator

Determine a Return on Investment for the MANTIS system vs Pipetting with Disposable Tips

Every lab is uniquely operated and, therefore, return on investment calculators are only as good as the information entered. For a more comprehensive analysis, click the Request More Information button below. One of our liquid handling experts will be happy to provide a more detailed view that suits your individual needs.


The cost of the MANTIS will be recouped* in pipette tip savings in

Switching to non-contact dispensing could also prevent

0 Kg of Plastic

From being generated and sent to waste each year**
* Based on the typical cost of MANTIS system, this ROI calculator is for illustration purposes only.
** Based on the weight of tips and rack. For 96 racked, sealed, PCR-grade generic-brand filtered 200 µL pipette tips.