Sample Concentration - Diafiltration (Buffer Exchange, Desalting)

Stop Wasting Time Checking on Samples

Simply, select the original and desired volumes and whether diafiltration is needed. The μPULSE® - TFF System takes care of the rest.

See Your Progress

No need to stop your progress to check on samples with full visibility of the solutions at all times.

Control from Anywhere

Remote control and monitoring of the progress is available through a web-based app accessible anywhere.

No Need to Balance

Did you check if the centrifuge
was balanced?
Oh wait...There isn't one!

Less Time at the Centrifuge, More Time for Research

The μPULSE - TFF System is a fully automated, walk away system that uses tangential flow filtration (TFF) for sample concentration and diafiltration (buffer exchange, desalting). Gone are the frequent trips to the centrifuge to check on samples and balancing tubes!  


Walk Away System
Set your desired parameters and let the system do 95% of the process automatically until it is time to collect your sample; Remotely monitor via a web-based application.


Permeate flow rate up to 2.5x faster than centrifuges with dead-end filters


Wide Range of Operating Volumes
The µPULSE can handle starting volumes between 2 and 100 mL, allowing more flexibility than centrifugal concentrators or traditional TFF systems.


See Your Progress
Full visibility of solutions at all times; No need to stop to check on samples.


The system’s filtration chips are reusable up to hundreds of mL (this depends on sample and cutoff sizes used).


Easy Maintenance
Disposable filtration components; Samples are recirculated so your sample starts and ends in the original tube.

Easy Sample Concentration and Diafiltration

(Buffer Exchange, Desalting)

Concentrate Samples Faster with TFF

Unlike centrifuges with traditional dead-end filtration systems, the µPULSE prevents a high concentration gradient from forming at the filtration membrane. This means no reduction in the permeate flow rate and increased sample recovery.

With TFF, the concentration process is continuous and gradual allowing for samples to be concentrated up to 2.5x faster than using dead-end filtration. The exact concentration rate depends on sample size and membrane cutoff size.

tangential flow filtration

The µPULSE utilizes a filtration membrane that is 50 - 75% larger than traditional dead-end filtration systems. This larger membrane boasts a higher membrane flux allowing you to concentrate samples faster so you can move on with your research.

Easy to Maintain with Disposable Filter Chips


The µPULSE - TFF System uses disposable filter chips that make it easy to keep the system clean and prevent any cross-contamination.



A built-in diaphragm pump switches between vacuum (-10 - 0 psi) and pressure (40 - 50 psi) to circulate solutions over the concentration membrane.



Six different concentration membranes are available in PES (polyethersulfone) with cutoff sizes of 5kDa, 10kDa, 30kDa, 50kDa, 100kDa, and 300kDa to cover a wide variety of sample sizes.

Simple Diafiltration

Buffer Exchange, Desalting

Along with concentrating your sample, there is an option for automatic diafiltration to facilitate buffer exchange or desalting processes.


Setup is easy with two 50 mL centrifuge tubes located at the front of the system:


  • One tube holds your sample solution
  • The other a buffer or any other solution of your choice


The system can be refilled if 50mL isn’t enough for your diafiltration process.


Easy Setup - Monitor from Afar

The µPULSE - TFF System utilizes an intuitive, web-based software application that can be accessed from the same network.


This easy-to-use solution allows the user to set up the starting and desired volumes and concentrations, diafiltration or buffer exchange, and modify advanced settings to optimize concentration for your samples.


Users can remotely monitor the process of their concentration instead of having to manually check.