Microfluidic Pumps

Precise Dispensing for Reproducible Science

Patented Microdiaphragm Pump Technology

At the core of our dispensers is patented microdiaphragm pump that meters and dispenses discrete volumes of liquid. This valve cluster can fill and dispense as fast as 10 times per second (exact speed depends on specific product). This proven technology is both incredibly precise and viscosity independent.

OEM Solutions


It can be produced in high quantities at low-cost for disposable applications where a sterile pump may be needed

Large arrays of pumps are easily made. Optional independent channel control is available for each pump in the array

Precise, repeatable dosing

High flow rates can be achieved

Active valves allow for bi-directional pumping. Diaphragm volumes from nanoliters to milliliters can be produced

Capable of non-contact dispensing. High pressures and vacuums can be generated

Used in several FORMULATRIX® products, including the MANTIS® Liquid Dispenser, the TEMPEST® Liquid Dispenser, and the FORMULATOR® Crystallization Screen Builder