Liquid Handler

Break Your Throughput Limitations

96 Independent Volumes in Parallel

  • Maximize efficiency in genomics and high-throughput screening workflows with patented multi-channel microfluidic technology capable of dispensing with up to 96 independent nozzles in parallel.
  • Application specific DOE software calculates independent volumes based on desired concentrations to allow for utmost simplicity in screening drug candidates against a gradient of conditions in microplates from 96- to 1536-well format.
  • Automated re-circulation ensures quality data and minimizes costly rework by keeping cells and magnetic beads in suspension.
  • Conserve precious cells and reagents with a 40 µL dead volume.

When Speed Matters

Each chip uses positive displacement micropumps to dispense reagents rapidly with minimal waste. Most tasks are completed in fewer than 40 seconds:

Typical Dispense Rates

  • 200 nL to 96-well plate = 3 seconds
  • 200 nL to 384-well plate = 6 seconds
  • 200 nL to 1536-well plate = 11 seconds
  • 5 μL to 96-well plate = 4 seconds
  • 1 uL to 384-well plate = 5 seconds
  • 10 μL to 384-well plate = 9 seconds
  • 20 μL to 384-well plate = 13 seconds