Automated qPCR Preparation

Nucleic Acid Quantification

The importance of reproducibility in any molecular biology assay is paramount to ensure that results obtained can be trusted. By implementing automation into their laboratory workflows our end users have reported significant improvements in assay precision and reproducibility.

In the application note below, we collaborated with the Research and Development team at Cisbio to eliminate pipette tips from their assay development workflow. By utilising the MANTIS the researchers at Cisbio were able to reduce their consumable costs by 87.5% over 20 assay development projects.

The MANTIS® can be quickly deployed in any laboratory to efficiently carry out the dispensing of primers and mastermix into 96 and 384 well plate formats. Since the outbreak of the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic FORMULATRIX® technologies have been applied in laboratories around the world in Coronavirus research and diagnostics.

Additional benefits over manual pipetting techniques and other automated liquid handling systems include:

  • Reduction in dead volume to below 10 µL
  • Minimise the use of disposable pipette tips
  • Miniaturize reaction volumes for savings on reagents
  • Increased throughput with less hands-on time
  • Access reagents directly for multi-primer relative quantification



Customer Success Story