Nucleic Acid Quantification

qPCR Plate Preparation

Efficient and Reproducible qPCR

  • Reduce dead volumes to 6 µL
  • Dispense precisely down to 100 nL
  • Scale seamlessly with increased throughput
  • Access reagents directly for multi-primer relative quantification
  • Miniaturize reactions to increase throughput without increasing costs

Customer Success Story

When it comes to dispensing quantitative real-time PCR master mix, the MANTIS meets and exceeds every requirement. We have developed protocols for 2 µL qPCR reactions that would just not be feasible without the precise and reliable dispensing of the MANTIS at 1 µL. Using MANTIS, I recently performed a high-throughput qPCR-based drug screen in stem cell derived retinal cells and acquired reliable data with homogeneity, precision, and faster dispensing. The instrument is user-friendly and has easily paid for itself in the savings associated with both expensive reagents and tip consumption in our lab. The MANTIS is an essential tool for any lab that wishes to perform the most efficient and reproducible genetic analysis.

Srinivasa Sripathi

Postdoctoral Fellow, Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins Medical School