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Automate your entire protein crystallization workflow from drop setting to optimization.

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Miniaturize your cDNA synthesis and library preparation reactions, even with limited starting material.

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Learn the advantages of quantifying nucleic acids with plate-based digital PCR.


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LCP is an excellent tool for the study of lipid/protein interactions and the crystallization of membrane proteins.


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Simplify the evolution from assay design to drug discovery.

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Gentle and even distribution of cells for increased cell viability and consistent cell density.


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Upcoming Events

Oviedo, Spain    August 22-27, 2018

Stop by booth #25 to learn how our complete protein crystallization automation solutions can accelerate your crystallization research and make your experiments more reproducible and to see our newest innovation in protein concentration, the PULSE TFF System.

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Quedlinburg, Germany   September 20-22, 2018

Join us at the 21st Heart of Europe Bio-Crystallography Meeting in Quedlinburg, Germany. Visit our table to see the PULSE TFF System and learn how the system can simplify your protein sample prep.

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68th Annual Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association

Toronto, Canada    July 20-24, 2018

We are excited to announce that FORMULATRIX® will be speaking and introducing a new automation solution at the 2018 ACA Meeting. See our Newest Innovation in Protein Concentration and Diafiltration, the PULSE - TFF System. Stop by booths # 207, 209 as we will be giving live demos of our automation solutions and to enter our raffle to win a Nike Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS and altimeter!

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"As a crystallization robot capable of sitting or hanging screens and prepping expansion plates, the NT8 is fabulous. It is accurate, reliable and flexible. Notably, the water displacement mechanism and small tips allow for extremely low error rates at 100 nanoliter volumes. The tip washing module means that it requires almost no consumables and therefore costs nearly nothing to operate. Moreover, the machine is robust and forgiving even to the most careless or novice user. The NT8 is not just our crystallization robot, it is our most important liquid dispensing instrument."

Sirano Dhe-Paganon

Dana Farber Cancer Institute, HMS

"Automated liquid dispensing is normally associated with big expensive equipment. Not so the Mantis. It combines speed and accuracy with an extremely small footprint and a relatively decent price tag. For us it has become an integral part of single cell processing and NGS applications. Handling is straight forward and intuitive and even my automation averse lab colleagues love to use it."

Wolfgang Breitwieser

Cancer Research UK

We have had our Rock Imager 1000 for nearly 2 years and have setup and imaged >7000 plates in that time. The system has performed very reliably over that span from a mechanical standpoint and the associated Rock Maker software has made tracking, viewing and organizing our many projects simple and easy. The seamless integration of our Formulatrix Formulator with the imaging system has allowed us to carry out optimizations in a high throughput manner as well. Just as important is that the service and support have been excellent, with most issues dealt with remotely and new customer-driven features added at regular intervals.

Rafael Toro

Albert Einstein School of Medicine