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Automate your entire protein crystallization workflow from drop setting to optimization.

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Optimize the use of master mix, reduce consumable cost, and minimize your time to results.

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Miniaturize your cDNA synthesis and library preparation reactions, even with limited starting material.

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LCP is an excellent tool for the study of lipid/protein interactions and the crystallization of membrane proteins.

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Simplify the evolution from assay design to drug discovery.

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Gentle and even distribution of cells for increased cell viability and consistent cell density.

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Popular Solutions


Multi-Fluorescent Imaging

Differentiate between crystals of a protein-protein complex and crystals of a single protein.


Screening Conditions using LCP-FRAP Assay

Dr. Vadim Cherezov (USC) talks about how to use the LCP-FRAP Assay to screen membrane proteins in LCP.


Using Positive Displacement Dispensing to Improve Automated High Throughput Assays

Learn practical tips to Improve Automated High Throughput Assays by: Duane Currier of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


Driving the Single Cell Forward

Front Line Genomic's panel of experts tells us why single-cell sequencing is a vital piece of the genomics puzzle.


A Technique for Scalable Organoid Culture

Organoid models are promising tools for the study of disease and development of new therapeutics.

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FLO I8 Liquid Handler

Intelligent Pipetting Enables Simple Software


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