Laboratory Automation Solutions

FORMULATRIX® was established in 2002 to provide protein crystallization automation solutions. Since then, we've started developing other laboratory automation solutions, including the next generation of liquid handlers using microfluidic technology. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, we supply software and robotic automation solutions to leading pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions around the world. Our team works tirelessly to provide the best products in the industry with support that is second to none.


Market: liquid handling; software and robotics for automating protein crystallization; sample concentration and diafiltration
Size: ~1200 employees worldwide
Incorporation Date: 2002
Ownership: private, 100% employee-owned


Products Installed: 5049
Customer Sites: 2019
Employees: 1209

In 2023, we continued expanding our product lines and fostering strong partnerships to support researchers with efficient and dependable laboratory automation solutions.

We were excited to announce a multi-year collaboration and supply agreement to advance the automation of Olink’s PEA (Proximity Extension Assay) technology, including the Target 96, Target 48, Flex, and Explore workflows. The agreement sets forth terms for the supply of certain Formulatrix products and services for purchase by Olink and Olink’s end-customers as part of an Olink package involving the configuration of such products to Olink workflows. Read the full press release here.

µPulse filtration sales exceeded expectations in 2023. This success led to the development of a high-throughput version offering even lower hold-up volume, increased flux, and greater buffer flexibility, further strengthening Formulatrix's position in the filtration market.

Our Protein Crystallization division introduced Rock Imager 360, a new benchtop imaging system offering high-density plate storage with precise temperature control. Furthermore, our in-house AI model "Sherlock" was integrated into the Rock Maker Crystallization Software, enhancing our automated crystal identification capabilities.

The development of the Cellmatic automated cell culture system progressed significantly, and early adopters were identified to test the system in early 2024.


Products Installed: 4445
Customer Sites: 1753
Employees: 1102

In 2022, FORMULATRIX launched two liquid handlers, the F.A.S.T.TM Positive Displacement Sample Transfer System and the FLO i8® General Purpose Liquid Handler. We also conducted road show exhibitions of our products on the East coast and West coast of the United States. The MANTIS Precise Liquid Dispenser was nominated for the Sustainable Product of the Year in the Scientists' Choice Awards by SelectScience. Additionally, we donated a TEMPEST Bulk Liquid Dispenser to the Science Museum UK exhibition to increase awareness of the global fight against cancer.

Our TFF system, the µPULSE®, was named a finalist for the New Product of the Year Award at SLAS 2022. We expanded sales of the µPULSE worldwide as we added to the sales force.

We also launched a new version of the NT8 Crystallization Robot. The NT8 v4 features 24-well plate support, advanced humidification control, and laser-aided calibration. This new NT8 is the most advanced crystallization robot/drop-setter on the market.


Products Installed: 3805
Customer Sites: 1481
Employees: 1008

In 2021, the FORMULATRIX launched the uPULSE TFF System after extensive research and development efforts, which were continued despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the pandemic's impact, our sales rapidly increased in 2021, demonstrating the value that their products bring to the scientific community.

Throughout 2021, the we remained committed to innovation, continually improving and expanding our product line to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Products Installed: 3273
Customer Sites: 1249
Employees: 793

In 2020, the world was plagued by the rampant COVID-19 pandemic, which led to extensive human health concerns and caused a global socio-economic disruption. The virus infected over 100 million individuals and caused millions of deaths worldwide (as of Jan 1st, 2021).

FORMULATRIX was (and continues to be) committed to helping scientists find innovative solutions to help combat the global pandemic through the development and application of our cutting-edge laboratory automation solutions. 

Our MANTIS and TEMPEST Liquid Handlers are used worldwide for COVID-19 PCR testing, a critical part in reopening our society. The tipless dispensing technology has made the systems ideal solutions during the global tip shortage.  

Solving the structure of the various proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is at the heart of developing therapies and vaccines to treat/prevent COVID-19. Our Protein Crystallization solutions have been utilized around the globe to accelerate the discovery of these structures.  

We are very proud to play a part in the fight against the coronavirus.


Products Installed: 2823
Customer Sites: 1029
Employees: 641

On January 10, 2019, FORMULATRIX announced that their digital PCR assets, including the CONSTELLATION series of instruments, is being acquired by QIAGEN N.V. (NYSE: QGEN, Frankfurt Stock Exchange: QIA) for up to $260 million ($125 million upfront payment and $135 million of milestones).  QIAGEN has announced plans for a global launch in 2020 of a new series of digital PCR platforms that utilize the advanced dPCR technology developed by FORMULATRIX combined with QIAGEN’s expertise in assay development and automation. 

Learn more about this historic acquisition here.


Products Installed: 2458
Customer Sites: 868
Employees: 471

2018 was another stellar year for FORMULATRIX in terms of expanding our customer base and the number of instruments deployed in the field.  At SLAS 2018, we were honored to have the  CONSTELLATION - dPCR system win the coveted New Product of the Year Award with its plate-based workflow that mimics contemporary qPCR. The company also introduced for the first time a novel way to automate laboratory workflows using autonomous plate handling ROVERs®.  Our innovation in liquid handling also led to the unveiling of our FLO I8 system that optimizes pipetting performance with little-to-none user programming. With continued product updates for all of our automation solutions, we made a breakthrough by increasing the sensitivity of our already highly sensitive SONICC - Crystal Detection system by five times.


Products Installed: 2118
Customer Sites: 714
Employees: 400

In 2017, FORMULATRIX continued its rise as a life science automation company as we experienced double-digit revenue growth in both our Liquid Handling and dPCR departments. The company unveiled the next generation of CONSTELLATION - dPCR systems that include plates with up to 36,000 partitions per sample for even greater throughput.  Along with all the continued product developments, the company also refreshed its branding with the release of a modernized logo. To go with the new logo, FORMULATRIX also launched a new application-focused and streamlined website so that researchers can more easily identify the benefits of our solutions in the context of their specific application workflows. 


Products Installed: 1766
Customer Sites: 581
Employees: 372

2016 was another exceptional growth year for Formulatrix in terms of revenue generated, instruments installed, and jobs created. This growth was bolstered by the development of innovative new technologies and product enhancements. The Protein Crystallization department launched a new imaging technology called Multi-Fluorescence Imaging (MFI) that allows for the identification of protein-protein complexes. Product updates to both the MANTIS and TEMPEST drove Liquid Handling sales with over 150 new units installed in 2016. The addition of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Chips for the MANTIS now allows researchers to automatically track dispense data for even more control of their experiments. 


Products Installed: 1405
Customer Sites: 469
Employees: 330

In 2015, Formulatrix experienced expansive growth with banner sales years in all three departments, Protein Crystallization, Liquid Handling, and Digital PCR. With this accelerated growth came the development of several new products (most to be released in 2016) and the introduction of major advancements in the current product lines. In Protein Crystallization, we made significant improvements in our complete crystallization suite to make the products the most robust and reliable to date. Along with increased sales, the Liquid Handling team also deployed a new accessory product for the MANTIS called the Large Capacity Chip Changer (LC3) that increased the number of possible reagents available for researchers by 4x.


Products Installed: 1147
Customer Sites: 373
Employees: 300

2014 was an exciting year for FORMULATRIX. Along with the continued growth of all three of our product lines (Protein Crystallization, Liquid Handling, and Digital PCR), we broke ground on a brand new world headquarters in Bedford, MA in the Spring. Construction was completed over the summer and doors opened to our new home in September. We were also excited to show off our new home by hosting our first ever Advances in Protein Crystallography conference - a two day symposium that invited scientists from across the globe to come learn from industry leading researchers, provide developmental feedback on our products, and participate in a hand’s on Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) workshop.


Products Installed: 909
Customer Sites: 286
Employees: 348

During 2013, FORMULATRIX reorganized into three distinct business unit - Protein Crystallization, Liquid Handling, and dPCR. In Protein Crystallization, we saw great market success with SONICC  and NT8. The former was proven to be a key technology that is strongly tipping the high-end market in our direction. The later rounds out our product line making us the only vendor to offer a complete crystallization suite. In Liquid Handling, we matured MANTIS and TEMPEST technology and with larger sales team grew revenue by 50%. In dPCR, we successfully developed and tested a new technology for cost-effective high throughput dPCR, gaining us entry into the sizable PCR market. Our debut dPCR product, the CONSTELLATION®, made its first public appearance in October 2013.


Products Installed: 707
Customer Sites: 225
Employees: 339

We continued our expansion by opening our business fully to the Chinese market. Our continued growth of both the Liquid Handling and Protein Crystallography markets led to significant upgrades to the TEMPEST and NT8 as well as an overhaul of our imaging technology.


Products Installed: 548
Customer Sites: 173
Employees: 244

Market the true launch of our SONICC® and FRAP® imaging systems. Each of these represents a huge milestone for FORMULATRIX in the field of protein crystallization imaging. Our increased efforts in the Liquid Handling market also yielded a significant redesign to the TEMPEST (bulk reagent dispenser) and the NT8 (drop setter).


Products Installed: 429
Customer Sites: 138
Employees: 204

We looked to continue our accelerated growth with the development of several new products and the introduction of major advancements in the current product line. The MANTIS®, a single reagent dispenser that utilizes our patent-pending microfluidic technology, was launched at ALA's Lab Automation 2010. We continued to work on improving our current product line by reducing the dead volumes of our liquid handlers, updating ROCK MAKER with customer-led enhancements, and improving the image quality of our UV imagers.


Products Installed: 337
Customer Sites: 101
Employees: 171

Despite harsh economic conditions, we are continuing to rapidly expand. New products include ROCK IMAGER UV options, The TEMPEST®, the world's fastest and most flexible bulk reagent and sample dispenser, ROCK MAKER 2.0® and a protein crystallization drop setter (NT8®). The TEMPEST was launched at ALA's LabAutomation 2009 to a lot of terrific customer feedback. We introduced the NT8 Drop Setter at the 2009 ACA conference. FORMULATRIX was awarded as a finalist at the 2009 New England Innovation Awards. To meet increased demand, we are quadrupling our manufacturing space from 10,000 to 40,000 square feet.


Products Installed: 218
Customer Sites: 61
Employees: 103

The FORMULATOR®, a next-generation liquid handler, was launched and won the New Product of the Year Award at ALA's LabAutomation 2008 and an R&D 100 Award. We Continued to work on expanding our liquid handling line, updating ROCK MAKER, and adding new UV imaging capabilities to our ROCK IMAGER platforms. FORMULATRIX finished the year with 103 employees and 83 customer sites.


Products Installed: 145
Customer Sites: 42
Employees: 50

In 2007, demand for ROCK MAKER and ROCK IMAGER  increased, sparking the construction of a 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Indonesia. Development was started on a new line of microfluidic liquid handling devices and a prototype device was demonstrated at the ACA tradeshow. FORMULATRIX finished the year with 50 employees and 55 imaging systems deployed at 60 customer sites.


Products Installed: 91
Customer Sites: 32
Employees: 30

In 2006, we designed version 2 of ROCK IMAGER 1000 and ROCK IMAGER 182®. To increase our manufacturing and software development capacity, we opened up a software development center in Pakistan and a manufacturing facility in Indonesia. We finished this year with 30 employees and 32 customer sites.


Products Installed: 72
Customer Sites: 20
Employees: 18

This year marked the first delivery of the ROCK IMAGER 1000, a product that continues to be one of our most popular imaging systems. We also developed and shipped ROCK IMAGER 54® and ROCK IMAGER 2®. Most significantly, Pfizer and Novartis both made ROCK MAKER their global standard for automating protein crystallization. When the dust settled, we deployed 21 imagers, had 18 employees, and 20 customer sites.


Products Installed: 60
Customer Sites: 12
Employees: 9

During 2004, we developed the ROCK IMAGER 24® and shipped it to 3 customers. We began development on the ROCK IMAGER 1000®, and signed one customer in Japan and two customers in Europe. We finished the year with 9 employees and 12 customer sites on 3 continents.


Products Installed: 6
Customer Sites: 5
Employees: 4

During 2003, ROCK MAKER went live and we signed on Exelixis and two additional Pfizer locations as customers. We also developed and deployed our first imager to Boehringer-Ingelheim. We finished this year with 4 employees and 5 customer sites.


Products Installed: 2
Customer Sites: 2
Employees: 2

Formulatrix was founded by Jeremy Stevenson when Wyeth contracted him to write software to automate their protein crystallization process. Soon after completing this contract Boehringer-Ingelheim in Ridgefield, CT and Pfizer in Groton, CT purchased ROCK MAKER®.