Rock Imager®

Rock Imager®

Protein Crystallization Imagers


Systems You Can Trust

Over 15 Years of Imaging Excellence

Used worldwide by the top 25 pharmaceutical companies and renowned academic centers.


Image Quality Second to None

Optimized Optics

Every imaging technology is precisely optimized for crystal clear images.


Increase Your Throughput

Automation Designed for Speed

Image entire 96-well plates in only 3 minutes and incubate up to 1500 plates.

Screen Conditions with More Confidence

See the Details of Your Drops

High optical resolution is achieved by increasing the numerical aperture of the objective. The trade-off, however, is that depth of field (depth of the image in focus at one time) is reduced. Rock Imager combines multiple slices into one Extended Focus Image (EFI) to allow the best of both worlds.

Capture Images the Way You Want

Multiple images of each drop can be captured with user-adjustable settings including exposure, polarization, and condenser aperture.

See Something Interesting? Zoom in for a Better Look

Specify regions of interest within a drop to zoom into. Rock Imager will automatically capture those areas in high resolution.


Learn More About Your Drops

Multiple imaging technologies are available for Rock Imager allowing you to discover more about your protein drops:

Visible Light
The standard imaging technique for screening used by most crystallographers. Rock Imager provides high-resolution images.
Learn More


Ultraviolet (UV)
Determine if your crystals are protein or salt and find crystals in optically turbulent environments. Learn More


Multi-Fluorescence Imaging (MFI)
Find protein-protein complexes, increase crystal detection sensitivity, and incorporate UV imaging into your toolkit. Learn More


Second Order Nonlinear Imaging of Chiral Crystals (SONICC)
Detect microcrystals (<1 µm), determine which crystals are protein vs. salt, and increase crystal detection sensitivity. Learn More


Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)
Identify the optimal conditions for LCP crystal growth without having to wait on the crystals actually growing. Learn More

Versatile Options for Any Lab

Models to Fit Your Lab's Throughput and Budget

With 4 different models all with flexible options, there is a Rock Imager to fit your lab's needs. Plate capacities range from a single-plate desktop model up to 970 SBS plates or 1500 LCP plates with hotel storage.

No Need to Change Your Microplate

All Rock Imagers are compatible with SBS, LCP, and microbatch plates. Options for Linbro and Qiagen EasyXtal plate compatibility are available.


Rock Imager 182 shown retrieving, imaging, and storing a plate.