Cell-based Assays

Gentle Dispensing for High Cell Viability

Cell-based Assays

From cells to DMSO, the MANTIS® and TEMPEST® Liquid Dispenser dispense accurately and reproducibly as key solutions to automate cell based assays. These instruments facilitate gentle and even distribution of primary cells and cell lines into 96-, 384-, and even 1536-well SLAS format microtiter plates leading to increased cell viability and consistent cell density across and between plates.


  • User-friendly software allows for fast and efficient optimization of cell density so that you can learn about the sensitivity and range of your assay


  • Reproducible dispensing across multiple users minimizes the likelihood of obtaining inconsistent results through poor viability, cell death, and false cytotoxicity


  • The compact size of the Mantis promotes use in temperature and CO2 controlled environments that further promote cell viability


  • Never miss a transiently expressed biomarker with the fastest and most robust dispensing available