Working With Difficult Reagents


In this online workshop, we will share examples of studies carried out by our end users that have been used to automate tasks that involve reagents and liquids that have traditionally been difficult to move satisfactorily from manual pipetting to automated liquid dispensers. This includes extracellular matrices, solvents, beads, cells, and viscous liquids.

We also welcome guest speaker Kristin Bircsak from MIMETAS to share their experience of how even the most challenging pipetting steps became easy with the MANTIS®.

The benefits of automating laboratory work are well recognized - reducing hands-on liquid handling enables skilled scientists to make better use of their time, eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks reduces the need to repeat experiments due to human error, and implementing a streamlined workflow can increase throughput and improve productivity. Flexible and easy to adopt non-contact liquid dispensers bring the advantages of reducing consumable usage and the ability to miniaturize and save reagents.

This virtual event will be of value for you whether you are a current MANTIS or TEMPEST user, or if you are interested in learning more about how our technology can help you to automate processes with these tricky liquids.