F.A.S.T.™ Liquid Handler

96-Channel Positive Displacement Sample Transfer



We are currently working with Early Access and Beta testing Customers to optimize the F.A.S.T. and FLOi8 Liquid Handlers. These liquid handlers are anticipated to be available for purchase early 2021. Please check back for updates on when these instruments will be available for a demo and purchase.

Overview of the F.A.S.T.

Liquid Class “Neutral”

With a positive displacement pipette tips, the precision of the  F.A.S.T. desktop liquid handler is not affected by the types of liquid samples that are being transferred.  Without the need to account for each liquid class, less time is needed to set up your experiment, while greater accuracy and precision is achieved.

Key Features
  • High Precision (CV 5% @ 0.1 µL)
  • Aspirate and Dispense
  • Zero cross contamination
  • Integrate with External Systems
  • Import .csv templates
  • Positive Displacement Pipette tip Technology
  • Intuitive User Interface (UI)
  • Compatible with any type of liquid
  • Contact dispensing
  • Small footprint
  • Extreme low dead volume
  • Variable sample transfer (96, 12, 8, or 1 channel)

Positive displacement pipette tip technology with Zero insertion force

Why Positive Displacement?

A positive displacement tip uses a  solid piston directly in contact with the sample to aspirate and dispense liquids.  Other methods in which air is in contact with the sample, error is introduced when handling low volumes since it is compressed or expands.  Not only do positive displacement tips provide more accurate and faster transfer rates, but the variability in liquid classes does not affect the precision of liquid handling.  Additionally, the chance for sample loss through evaporation, or cross contamination is removed since the piston creates a barrier between the sample and the instrument.

What is “Zero Insertion Force”?

Instrument engages and grips pipette tips, versus using a gasket pressured interaction holding the tip in place.  Without using force to grip the pipette tip translates to a more reliable system with less maintenance or need to replace o-rings.

Removable tray with full automatic calibration system

Removable or interchangeable trays allow researchers to set up their tips, plates and reagents prior to working on instrument.  Therefore, reducing the time for experimental set-up, sample misplacement or error, and more accessible for researchers.

Software easy to use

An intuitive software User Interface (UI),

  • Short learning curve for new user
  • Easily and quickly set up experiments
  • No need for programming, writing or understanding difficult software coding language