F.A.S.T.TM Liquid Handler


Liquid Handler

96-Channel Positive Displacement Sample Transfer

Save Time on Low Volume


Aspirate and dispense any viscosity liquid with high precision (CV 5% @ 0.1 μL).

Flexible to Fit Your Workflow and Budget


Choose how many tips to use; Compatible with any SBS-format microplate.

Go from Zero to Running Experiments in Minutes


No need for any programming or understanding difficult coding languages.

Best in Class Performance without the Risk of Contamination

With positive displacement pipette tips, the precision of the F.A.S.T. is not affected by the types of liquid samples that are being transferred. Without the need to account for each liquid class, less time is needed to set up your experiment, while greater accuracy and precision are achieved. The disposable tips ensure the integrity of your samples while preventing any cross-contamination.

Our Clients Include

Meet the F.A.S.T. - Liquid Handler

"I have worked with Daniel and his team at FORMULATRIX in testing the F.A.S.T. for qPCR quantification. I really like the instrument in its precision and accuracy with low volumes, which has been very helpful for setting up qPCR SYBR runs."
Gregory Nakashian
The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

Save on Reagents with Reaction Miniaturization 

The F.A.S.T., similarly to MANTIS® Liquid Handler and TEMPEST® Liquid Handler is a tool designed for low volume sample and reagent transfer at high accuracy which is crucial when setting up minimized assay reactions.

  • Conserve your samples and costly reagents
  • Increase assay sensitivity
  • Increase throughput
  • Reduce the cost per sample

Control Your Experiment Setup with Removable Decks

Interchangeable decks allow researchers to set up their tips, plates, and reagents prior to working on the instrument. The customizable decks reduce the time needed for experiment setup and reduce the chances of sample misplacement.  Each removable deck is barcoded so the system knows what item (sample, labware, tips, etc.) is located at each of the positions.

Easy to Use Software for Any Level of User

The software was designed for any user to walk up to the system and begin running experiments. This is truly automation for everyone in the lab:

  • Go from zero to running experiments in minutes
  • Very shallow learning curve for new users
  • No need for programming, writing, or understanding difficult software coding languages
  • Import .csv files for fast experiment design