aµtoPulse - TFF

High-throughput Sample Concentration - Diafiltration
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Less Time at the Centrifuge, More Time for Research

The aµtoPulse - TFF System is a fully automated, walk-away system that uses Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) for high-throughput sample concentration and diafiltration (buffer exchange, desalting).

Tangential flow filtration system

Process up to 54 samples per run and run up to 4 samples in parallel with independent pressure control (configurable to your needs).

Lowest Hold-up Volume, Industry-wide
Starting volume between 1.5 mL and 100 mL. The final volume can be as low as 250 µL with +/-25 µL resolution.

Walk Away System
Set up the deck and process parameters; the system will handle the rest and notify you when your finished samples are ready. Simplify setup by importing upstream dispense lists.

With dual diaphragm pumps, the permeate flow rate is up to 1.7x faster than the µPULSE and up to 4x faster than centrifugal dead-end filters.

Automatic Cleaning-in-Place
Auto-clean the entire liquid path for every run and auto-rinse with buffer/water to reach the ideal conditions of your sample. The sample fluid path is entirely consumable.

Buffer Flexibility
Use up to 4 different external buffer reservoirs or on-deck buffer conical tubes. Buffer exchange can be volumetric or conductivity-based using in-line conductivity probes.

Streamline Your Workflow

The aµtoPulse is a high-throughput walk-away system. Simply set the deck with up to 54 samples and input the process parameters. Labware definitions can be loaded via upstream dispense lists, and protocols can be saved and re-run. The system takes care of the entire process, from cleaning to recovery, and will automatically load the next sample. Remote monitoring of the progress is available through the control software. Eliminate the wasted lab time manually processing and monitoring samples.

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Run Versatile Samples


Nanoparticle Processing

Efficiently process lipid nanoparticles, liposomes, and polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery and therapeutic efficacy


Protein Processing

Optimize the protein preparative workflow, enabling fast and gentle processes, including concentration, formulation, desalting, and refolding


Bioconjugate Cleanup

Ensure gentle and efficient removal of small unconjugated molecules from a variety of crude biomolecular labeling reactions


Nucleic Acid Processing

Simplify in vitro synthesis of RNA, and linear or plasmid DNA, by efficient concentration and buffer exchange using our user-friendly system



Streamline the fast harvesting of cells, extracellular vesicles, enzymes, and Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) while ensuring high product yields and quality


Virus Processing

Gently concentrate and exchange buffers for Adeno-associated Virus Vectors (AAVs), bacteriophages, and lentiviruses, preserving their structure for effective applications


Vaccine Development

Optimize the formulation of DNA, RNA, and polysaccharide vaccines for optimal, stable, and cost-efficient results

Concentrate Samples Faster, with More Control

Unlike traditional dead-end filtration systems, the aµtoPulse utilizes TFF, which prevents high-concentration gradients from forming on the filter surface. This minimizes the reduction in the permeate flow rate and increases sample recovery. With dual-diaphragm TFF, the concentration process and pressure gradient are near-continuous, imparting less stress on samples than the µPULSE and allowing for samples to be concentrated up to 4x faster than dead-end filtration. Improved back pressure regulation allows transmembrane pressure ranges from 0-32 psi, with independent control and monitoring at each concentration station.

Setup to Match Your Throughput

Max Sample Count per Run

Tube Size (mL) Concentration Only With Buffer Exchange
(On Deck Conical)
With Buffer Exchange
(External Reservoir)
autoPulse table
autoPulse chip-indicator (1)

Eliminate Cleaning and Cross Contamination

The re-invented disposable filter chips now integrate transfer tubing. An entirely consumable sample path makes it easy to keep the system clean and prevent cross-contamination. The system cleans consumables in place with dedicated cleaning stations linked to external solution reservoirs. Cleaning protocols can be user-defined, including a buffer rinsing to equilibrate the sample flow path to ideal buffer conditions.

Optimize Your Diafiltration Protocol

Along with sample concentration, the aµtoPulse can perform automatic diafiltration to facilitate buffer exchange or desalting processes. External buffer reservoirs allow the option to free up space for more samples; otherwise, the buffers can be loaded via on-deck conical tubes. The conductivity sensor built into the permeate path allows process control, including rate of change and relative conductivity thresholding with a 1-60 mS/cm conductivity range.

Simplify Setup and Monitor Remotely

The aµtoPulse - TFF System utilizes an intuitive, web-based software application that can be accessed from the same network. This easy-to-use solution allows the user to set up the entire run, including starting and final volumes and concentrations, diafiltration or buffer exchange, and modify advanced settings to optimize concentration for your samples. From here, simply load the deck and run your protocols. Users can remotely monitor the process of their concentration and diafiltration protocols instead of having to check manually.

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