Assay Development

Developing + Optimizing Assays for Drug Discovery

Solutions that simplify the evolution from assay design to drug discovery

Using the MANTIS® Liquid Handler to optimize assays prior to implementing the TEMPEST® Liquid Handler for high-throughput screens allows for a seamless transition from assay development and optimization to drug discovery since both instruments utilize the same positive displacement technology.

  • Reduce dead volumes to 6 µL
  • Dispense DMSO precisely down to 100 nL
  • Design assays and screen drugs candidates consistently
  • Ensure the viability of cells with low shear force dispensing
  • Upload dispense lists directly for an efficient assay optimization process
Mantis V3.2 with RFID

Customer Success Story

The TEMPEST® has greatly increased the speed with which we are able to optimize assays.  With the implementation of the new software, it is even easier to run our DoE designs, allowing us to screen numerous conditions in a single experiment with ease.

Suzanne Swalley

Senior Investigator, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)