A Generalizable, Automated Process for Multifactorial Media Optimization

FORMULATRIX® and Synthace partner to present their recent work on Optimizing the Design of Experiments (DoE). Our two key speakers were Dan Lord and Markus Gershater. Dan Lord, the applications manager from FORMULATRIX, explains how the MANTIS® liquid dispenser increases your workflow by improving your speed and throughput, to produce accurate liquid dispensing capabilities. Also, Markus Gershater, CSO of Synthace, explains how Synthace's team had combined the MANTIS with Synthace's software platform Antha, to powerfully and rapidly perform 4 DoE iterations to optimise media conditions. This optimization resulted in an 88% time saving compared to the manual performance of the same experiment, as well as an overwhelming reduction in consumable usage.

A Generalizable, Automated Process for Multifactorial Media Optimization (1)

Time savings offered by Antha and MANTIS compared to alternative approaches. Combining the MANTIS liquid dispenser and the Antha software platform to plan, execute, and aggregate data for 3 DoE iterations achieves a time saving of up to 74% for 96-run screening DoE in a 96 deep well plate, compared to using Antha with another liquid handler or using the MANTIS without Antha. (Expected times are based on the in-house experience of manual implementation and simulations in Antha).