Next Generation Sequencing

cDNA Synthesis and Library Construction

Efficient NGS Sample Preparation Starts with Miniaturized cDNA Synthesis

For researchers facing NGS sample preparation in 384-well format, with low quantities of input RNA, or with cost-prohibitive throughput requirements, the MANTIS® Liquid Dispenser reproducibly dispenses down to 100 nL, facilitating miniaturized cDNA synthesis reactions, even with limited starting material.


The MANTIS delivers:

  • RT master mix for first-strand synthesis
  • PCR master mix for amplification of cDNA
  • Lysis buffer post-amplification
  • Beads and buffers for cDNA cleanup


Fully automate tagmentation by using the MANTIS to dispense both the tagmentation buffer and enzyme into your sample plate.


The MANTIS has the capacity for over 24 different reagents allowing for full walkaway automation of indexing steps.


Efficient and reproducible dispensing of master mix and primers for both NGS library amplification and quantitative PCR. Whichever method you use for your genetic analysis, the MANTIS assists your lab in producing high-quality data and trustworthy results.

Nucleic Acid Clean-up

The MANTIS makes magnetic bead extractions easier than ever before by dispensing:

  • Magnetic beads
  • Wash and elution buffers
  • Resuspension buffer


Following quantification, the MANTIS Software can read concentrations from an imported CSV and calculate the volume of diluent required to achieve precise normalization.

The MANTIS Liquid Dispenser is Ideal for Reagent Dispensing throughout your entire NGS workflow

NGS Workflow