Driving the Single-cell Forward


Front Line Genomic's panel tell us why single-cell sequencing is a vital piece of the genomics puzzle.


With high throughput and high levels of data at the single-cell level, we are now gaining a new order of magnitude of information. This is helping to make single cell sequencing one of the most exciting technologies in genomics, today. To understand where the field is today and where it’s heading, our friends at Front Line Genomics gather together a panel to discuss all this and more:


Iain Macaulay – Iain is a Group Leader at the Earlham Institute in Norwich, working on technology development for single cell genomics. Following a PhD at the University of Cambridge, he worked at University College Dublin and the University of Oxford. Most recently he worked at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute where he developed tools for multi-omic profiling of single cells.


Stephen Sansom – Stephen is a Group Leader in Computational Genomics at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology. With a PhD from the University of Cambridge he has a successful track record in both experimental and computational research. At the University of Oxford, his group uses single cell genomics approaches to study the immune system and its dysregulation in chronic inflammatory disease.


Paul Robson – Paul, PhD, is Associate Professor and Director, Single Cell Biology at The Jackson Laboratory. His areas of expertise include single cell transcriptomics, early embryonic development, maternal-fetal medicine, pluripotent cell biology, and cancer biology. He received his B.S. from the University of Guelph and PhD from the University of Toronto.


Stephen Kulisch – Stephen joined BD as Vice President Marketing in December 2015. He leads the global marketing efforts for the genomics group. Based out of California, Stephen leads a global BD Genomics Marketing team in partnership with BioSciences business and Life Sciences agreement. He also directly leads the Single Cell Genomics platform.


Thomas Rawlins – Thomas joined Formulatrix as Marketing Manager at the start of 2017, following 3 years as Associate Product Line Manager at Gilson. Formulatrix supply software and robotic automation to leading pharmaceutical and academic research institutions around the world.


Andrew Farmer – Andrew is Vice President of Research and Development at Takara Bio USA. Formerly Clontech Laboratories, Takara Bio USA develops, manufactures, and distributes products to support applications in stem cell research; NGS; gene discovery, regulation, and function studies; protein expression and purification; RNAi and gene editing; and plant and food research.