Press Release: Takara Bio and FORMULATRIX® Announce Partnership to Increase Researcher’s Single-Cell Sequencing Throughput


BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS—June 21, 2017—Takara Bio USA, Inc. (TBUSA), and FORMULATRIX® , have partnered to generate a series of standard operating procedures (SOPs) that walk researchers through the steps necessary to miniaturize reaction volumes in costly reverse transcription steps of single-cell sequencing workflows. In order to take the guesswork out of running half and quarter reactions, R&D scientists at TBUSA have validated several SOPs that describe how to prepare and combine reagents for high-throughput construction of SMART-Seq® v4 cDNA libraries using the MANTIS® Liquid Dispenser.



Since Takara Bio’s proprietary SMART® technology offers such distinct benefits in cDNA synthesis such as high reproducibility, even gene body coverage, and excellent representation of GC-rich transcripts, researchers at top institutions across the globe have rapidly adopted the MANTIS platform, a new technology that allows laboratories to analyze more single cells at the same cost to their lab.



“In partnering with FORMULATRIX, we have been able to empower scientists performing translational genomics research to run reactions with just 25% of the primers and enzymes required in more traditional workflows. The MANTIS platform allows researchers to analyze 3–4 times as many cells and subsequently increase the power of their genetic analysis,” explained Carol Lou, President, TBUSA.



FORMULATRIX manufactures novel liquid handling solutions designed to promote cost savings and efficiency in sequencing studies. The MANTIS platform, a microfluidic liquid dispenser with a 6-µl dead volume, dispenses precious reverse transcription and library preparation reagents as low as 100 nl, facilitating reproducible miniaturized reactions, even between users.

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