Protein Crystallization Software

One Software for Your Entire Protein Crystallization Workflow

One protein crystallization software to manage the entire experimentation process, from design and dispense to image viewing and analysis.

ROCK MAKER® is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is there every step of the way, with powerful yet easy-to-use tools that help you get the results you need quickly.


ROCK MAKER integrates with:

NT8® - Drop Setter

FORMULATOR® - Screen Builder

MANTIS® - Liquid Handler

ROCK IMAGER® - Crystallization Imagers

SONICC® - Nanocrystal Detector

FRAP - LCP Conditions Prescreening

Non-FORMULATRIX instruments (upon request)

Design and Manage Experiments with Ease

ROCK MAKER allows you to screen your proteins against sparse screens.  The Screen Experiment Wizard makes experiment design a breeze - creating multiple screen experiments for one or more proteins takes less than a minute.

Powerful Experiment Design

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Most commonly used screens come pre-loaded
  • Unique barcodes allow you to track your experiments from dispensing to imaging and scoring

Dynamic and Efficient Image Viewing + Scoring

Images taken by ROCK IMAGER are collected by ROCK MAKER, wherein you can compare images and assign scores.  Once you’ve found a crystal, you can measure its size and add notes directly to the image itself.  Bring out details of your UV, SONICC, and FRAP images using the leveling histogram or optically zoom in with a Region of Interest (ROI).

View + Score Images with Ease:

  • Navigate through and score your images using your keyboard and customizable scoring schemas
  • View up to four drops simultaneously or compare different inspections of the same drop
  • View images with multiple modes including slideshow & full-screen

Zero in on the Optimal Crystallization Conditions

Got a hit? You can perform a quick multidimensional optimization of various conditions, varying concentrations and pHs of the ingredients along rows, columns, and/or quadrants within a plate. ROCK MAKER helps you effortlessly find the ideal conditions for crystal growth.

Further Optimize Against Randomized Conditions

ROCK MAKER can quickly generate fully randomized optimization screens based on promising conditions of your choice. Create experiments with unique conditions by adjusting the concentration, pH, and the probability of appearance of buffers, precipitates, salts, and additives.

Analyze Your Data to Improve Future Experiment Design

Carry out an in-depth analysis of your results quickly using the powerful Search & Filter feature of ROCK MAKER. Based on previously performed experiments and user-defined criteria, you can make informed predictions about the most favorable conditions for crystallizing your protein of interest.

Built-In Data Analysis + Reporting Tools

  • Use Search and Filter to mine your data to uncover trends based on a variety of parameters, helping you to continue your research efforts and focus in on conditions likely to grow bigger and better crystals
  • Create and manipulate charts to visualize your experiment results
  • Print various experiment reports for your lab notebooks

Access Your Experiments Anywhere


ROCK MAKER WEB is an optional feature designed for labs that want to provide their users with the flexibility to view and score images from a web browser.


Changes to ROCK MAKER WEB and ROCK MAKER are always in sync, including permissions set for user access.


ROCK MAKER WEB is tablet-friendly, supports common tablet gestures, and is designed to let you do your work using your fingertips.

rock maker web crystallization software

Always Here to Support and Help your Lab Achieve More

Built-In Training with ROCK MAKER University

ROCK MAKER University provides tours of the major features and functions of the software.  It also contains guided tutorials that span the entire crystallography process to help you create what you need to create.


For example, when you complete the "Make a Protein" tutorial, your efforts will result in a protein formulation that you can use in any experiment. No time is sacrificed while learning to use the software with ROCK MAKER University. 

World-Class Support

Our support team continually receives the highest marks for customer satisfaction. Having trouble? Send an email or call – within an hour someone will work on your issue.


Continuous User-Driven Improvements

With an average of three software releases per year, your feedback and suggestions are developed, tested, and implemented year-round – which means the think-tank behind ROCK MAKER is a pool of crystallographers working at the leading pharmaceutical companies and research universities from around the world.

Editions Based On Your Needs and Budget

Enterprise EditionImaging EditionDesign Edition
Design ExperimentsYesOnly Screen ExperimentsYes
View + Score ImagesYesYes
Search + FilterYes
User Groups + SecurityYesYesYes