An Assessment of the Volumetric Performance of the MANTIS® Liquid Handler Using the Artel MVS® Multichannel Verification System


Today, researchers generally regard automated workstations as the most reproducible liquid handling solutions, as automated liquid handling (ALH) systems remove many of the obstacles associated with user variability. Researchers assess the volumetric performance of these devices mainly by measuring the imprecision of liquid transfers, expressed quantitatively through coefficients of variation (CVs).


In this experiment, the MANTIS® Liquid Dispenser delivered target volumes of Artel Sample Solutions into each well of meticulously characterized Artel 96- or 384-well Verification Plates.


Figure 1.  Measured Performance of the FORMULATRIX® MANTIS Liquid Dispenser


The MANTIS can be easily added to any traditional liquid handling workstation in order to obtain CV’s under 2% across the entire pipetting range.