Liquid Handling Software Update

MANTIS® 4.7.4

MANTIS 4.7.4 includes several improvements based on the feedback from our user base. Here is a quick preview of the developments for MANTIS 4.7.4

Enhance the Data Backup and Recovery Configuration

MANTIS 4.7.4 software adds the new Backup Config File option under the Tools menu for more manageable data backup and restoration. You can now manually save the backup file with a user-specified file name. Find out more about how to backup your config file in the Data Backup and Recovery.

Backup Config File Window
Backup Config File Window

Smooth Continuous Flow Calibration with Manual Prime

The Continuous Flow Calibration wizard now takes advantage of the Manual Priming process to ensure an accurate and complete prime volume. You can also apply this prime volume to the Input settings for optimal automated priming in the future. For more information, see Calibrating Continuous Flow Chips.

Manual Priming Step in the Continuous Flow Calibration Wizard
Manual Priming Step in the Continuous Flow Calibration Wizard

MANTIS 4.7 includes several other improvements for better usability:


  • Optimized MANTIS RFID functionality to detect RFID chips when attached/detached to/from the automatic chip changer.


  • MANTIS 4.7.4 now delivers a popup dialog to inform you that your MANTIS software doesn’t support the use of Continuous Flow (CF) chips when CF chips are detected in the chip changer. You must activate the CF feature license to continue using CF chips.
CF License Is Not Activated
CF License Is Not Activated
  • If the Chip Type is assigned to Continuous Flow, the Input Source Type option in the Option for: Input window will be automatically disabled and this option will be set to Tube by default.

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