Protein Crystallization Software Update


ROCK MAKER 3.12 includes some improvements to make your research easier. Here is a quick look at some of the new developments for ROCK MAKER 3.12.


Ability to Undo and Redo in ROCK MAKER

It’s finally here! The new Undo and Redo buttons are now available in the latest version of ROCK MAKER. The Undo and Redo functionality can be used while working in Canvas mode, for faster and more intuitive experiment design. For more information, see Mouse Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts.



Undo and redo button
The Undo and Redo Buttons


Note: Not all actions can be undone and redone yet. This is an evolving function and we will continue to give it more power and versatility.


Optimize Your Experiments Using Iterative Screen Optimization (ISO)

This easy to use function enables you to iteratively create new optimization experiments based on the drops’ score history. From these scores, ROCK MAKER will automatically modulate the concentration of precipitant(s) to better promote crystal growth. For more information, read Creating an Iterative Screen Optimization (ISO).



Iterative screen
Iterative Screen Option in the Optimization Wizard


Synchrotron Trip Reports for Easy Record Keeping

You can now quickly generate a report containing detailed information about your synchrotron trips and the harvested crystals. This way, you can keep complete records of all of your synchrotron trips and the data they yield. For more information, read Synchrotron Trip Report.



Synchroton Info
Sample of Synchrotron Trip Report in ROCK MAKER 3.12


Improved Synchrotron Trip Management

More validations when creating a new puck or dewar definition have been implemented to avoid redundant or impossible assignments. For example, if a dewar is already full you will not be able to assign any pucks to it, and pucks cannot be assigned to more than one dewar. Likewise, dewars can only be assigned to one open synchrotron trip at a time. Read Creating Puck and Dewar Definitions to learn more.



Puck Definition
You Cannot Assign a Puck to an Unavailable Dewar


Easier Crystal Harvesting with an Updated User Interface

Experience a more intuitive user interface when harvesting or editing your crystals. You can now select the pin position of your crystal in a specified puck by clicking the appropriate pin number in the provided graphic. For more information, read Harvesting Crystals.



Crystal definition
Selecting the Desired Pin Position for Your Crystal


Easily Load Your .CSV Experiment Designs Using the Design of Experiments (DoE) Feature

ROCK MAKER 3.12 includes the DoE feature to quickly create experiments in grid layers. You can create a .CSV file from ingredient data taken from JMP, Excel, or other Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), and use that data to define the conditions for each well in your plate. Then just click the DoE button in the Edit Grid Layer panel and you are one step closer to creating a unique experiment! For more information, read Importing Ingredients Using the DoE Tool.



DoE button
The DoE Button in the Edit Grid Layer Panel


Clearing Scores Made Easier

You can now clear multiple manually assigned scores to one or more wells in your ROCK MAKER Canvas by pressing the Delete key on your keyboard. A message will appear asking you to confirm your selections before the scores are deleted.



clearing multiple scores
Clearing Multiple Scores Using the Delete Key


Ability to Change a User’s Password from ROCK MAKER Web

Now you can change your ROCK MAKER password from ROCK MAKER Web. Just click the User button in the top-right corner of your screen, select Change Password, and set your new password. This will automatically update your password in ROCK MAKER Desktop as well!



change your password
Change Your Password from ROCK MAKER Web


Improved Session Timeout for ROCK MAKER Web

ROCK MAKER Web 3.12 includes a session timeout announcement, which prompts you to log back in to RMW after five minutes of inactivity. This way you won’t lose any work due to your RMW session expiring without your knowledge.



Session Expired
Session Timeout in ROCK MAKER Web


Other Improvement

  • ROCK MAKER Web: Added the ability to unmark any Marked as Interesting drops by pressing the I key on your keyboard.

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