Protein Crystallization Software Update




ROCK MAKER® 3.9 includes some improvements to make your work easier. Here is a quick look at some of the new developments for Rock Maker 3.9.


Powerful Tools Added to the Well Tab

Experience the improved Well tab in the latest ROCK MAKER, which now contains many of the helpful tools already found in the Compare tab. Now you can view images as slideshow, give scores, markup your images with tools such as annotation and scribble, and save images directly from the Well tab.


Save Hard Drive Space with Customized Importing of Focus Level Images
ROCK MAKER 3.9 enables you to choose when Focus Level images should be imported from ROCK IMAGER® . You can either choose to import Focus Level images for all images of a particular imaging setting, or you can import these images on a per-drop basis to save hard drive space.


Option to import focus level images in Imaging Settings


Improved Search Results in Search and Filter
There are several improvements to ROCK MAKER Search and Filter to help make this powerful tool even more useful. Now you can save multiple images at once, saving you time. The Compare tab also features several design improvements, such as titles for your images for easier identification. You can even view your search results as a slideshow, just like when you view images outside of Search and Filter.


Saving multiple images from Search and Filter


Create Experiment Reports using Multiple Experiments
The latest ROCK MAKER release makes it easier to create an experiment report using data from multiple experiments, saving you time when you want to compare results. Just press CTRL on your keyboard and select the desired experiments from the Explorer. Then, right-click on them and select Experiment Report. This feature is also accessible from the Experiment Report button  in the Home tab.


Easily create an experiment report from multiple experiments


Control Zoom Lock Available as a Global Preference
Now ROCK MAKER’S popular Zoom Lock feature — which enables you to set a zoom level that stays in place as you view different drops — is available in Global Preferences. If you enable this preference, Zoom Lock will be turned on by default so that you can set a consistent zoom level for each of these drops without having to enable the feature first.


Enable Zoom Lock in General Properties


Change the Slideshow Settings while in Slideshow Mode
This feature lets you adjust the slideshow settings directly from Slideshow mode, without having to open User Preferences.

 Change the slideshow speed


Set ROCK MAKER'S system memory (RAM) usage as a percentage(%)
ROCK MAKER will now display memory (RAM) usage as a percentage instead of in number of bytes. This enables you to easily configure how much system ram ROCK MAKER has access to.


Other improvements

  • Pre-caching images in Drop View for faster viewing.

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