PCR Modules

Ultra-high Throughput Digital PCR

Modules for Unlimited Scalability in Digital PCR

When integrated with a robotic plate handling system, the CONSTELLATION® Digital PCR Modules can scale up to meet the needs of any application. 

CONSTELLATION® Digital PCR Priming Module

The CONSTELLATION® Digital PCR Priming Module primes your PCR reaction into microfluidic channels where partitioning can occur. The priming module, with a 20 second cycle time, helps to remove partitioning as a bottleneck in your high-throughput digital PCR workflow.


CONSTELLATION® Digital PCR Rolling Module

The CONSTELLATION Digital PCR Rolling Module seals 2.2 µL of each reaction into 496 partitions. Since partitioning has a 6 minute cycle time per plate, many rolling modules can be integrated in a single workflow to facilitate higher throughput sample quantification.

CONSTELLATION® Digital PCR Imaging Module

The CONSTELLATION Digital PCR Imaging module reads partition fluorescence to calculate the number of target DNA molecules in each sample. The module reads up to 8 different wavelengths providing researchers with a high degree of flexibility in highly multiplexed digital PCR.