µPULSE - TFF System
Solution Spotlight

Nicholas McKnight, Product Manager at Formulatrix



This talk is from the Protein Crystallization Automation Webinar Series. In the webinar, scientists from all over the world shared how our automation and software solutions have enhanced their protein crystallization workflow. Cole McKnight, the product manager of µPULSE at Formulatrix, presented the solution spotlight for µPULSE.


Unlike centrifugal units with traditional dead-end filtration, the µPULSE uses miniaturized TFF to prevent a concentration gradient from forming at the membrane surface. This increases sample recovery and prevents slow concentrations associated with membrane fouling.


With TFF, the concentration process is continuous and gradual allowing for samples to be concentrated up to 2.5x faster than using dead-end filtration. The system also enables the automation of buffer exchange protocols while maintaining the lowest TFF hold-up volume in the industry, just 650mL.

Nicholas (Cole) McKnight

About the Speaker:

Cole McKnight is the product manager for the µPulse product line. He has been working to create lab automation technology with Formulatrix since 2020. His training is in mechanical engineering and product design with past experience designing 3D bioprinting technology. At FORMULATRIX, he manages engineering R&D and instrument/consumables production and facilitates sales, marketing, and customer support.