Fast Lab-Scale Protein Refolding by Filter Dialysis on the µPULSE® TFF System



The µPULSE is the first ever truly lab-scale TFF system with customizable pressures that can be used for protein refolding, which we evaluated on recombinant α-amylase. High pressures can affect the refolding quality and the resulting specific activity of the refolded sample.


At optimal transmembrane pressure, the refolding of α-amylase by buffer exchange using µPULSE is seven times faster with slightly higher yields in terms of specific activity as compared to equilibrium dialysis.

Manipulation of the applied pressures allows the µPULSE to be as gentle as equilibrium dialysis for protein refolding. While this work was done on a specific protein, the same principles likely apply to any buffer exchange scenario, regardless of the target molecules.

Muhmmad Sajed - Application Scientist

About the Speaker:

Muhammad Sajed is currently working at FORMULATRIX as an application scientist for the µPulse-TFF system and its applications in biological research. His areas of expertise include the production and purification of therapeutic enzymes, cell culturing, and industrial biotechnology. Before joining FORMULATRIX, he held positions as a research officer at the University of Punjab and as a lecturer at Lahore Garrison University.