Formulatrix Protein Crystallization Software Updates & Feedback


Rock Maker® is a robust yet user-friendly software that seamlessly integrates with imagers and liquid handlers to automate protein crystallization workflows. This webinar highlights the latest advancements in Rock Maker, specifically the transition to Rock Maker V4 (RM V4). The new version preserves the familiar concepts and workflows of Rock Maker V3 while introducing a browser-based platform with a modern user interface. Key features of RM V4 include centralized upgrades to simplify the installation process, easier access from any operating system, and a streamlined licensing policy. Additionally, crystal tracking and image viewing functionalities have been significantly enhanced and well-received in beta versions. A noteworthy addition to RM V4 is the new in-house auto-scoring model, Sherlock, which boasts improved accuracy and crystal recall compared to the previous Google-based model, MARCO. Sherlock is trained on a diverse dataset to enhance its performance, and RM V4 supports multiple autoscoring models, providing users with flexibility in model choice.

Rock Maker - Protein Crystallization

Figure 1: One software for entire crystallization workflow

Overall, Rock Maker V4 aims to deliver a more efficient and accessible experience for crystallographers. It is supported by a variety of auto-scoring models and a commitment to continuous development based on user feedback.