Press Release: FORMULATRIX® Refreshes Brand and Website in Anticipation of a Transition from Niche Player to Life Science Leader

Press Release: FORMULATRIX® Refreshes Brand and Website in Anticipation of a Transition from Niche Player to Life Science Leader


In 2002, Jeremy Stevenson, Founder and CEO of FORMULATRIX® identified a market opportunity to bring fully automated hardware and software solutions to protein crystallographers, largely increasing efficiency in the determination of protein structures. Since then, the company has grown its automation portfolio to include solutions for sample preparation and the analysis of nucleic acids. To coincide with the development of several new solutions spanning both new and current life science markets for the company, FORMULATRIX has refreshed their brand, including a deep assessment of company values and culture that has resulted in the development of a new corporate mission:


FORMULATRIX collaborates with researchers to simplify the preparation and analysis of proteins and nucleic acids by designing solutions without boundaries and bringing novel cutting-edge technology to the life science industry. We are committed to researchers, their labs, and to the breakthroughs that will improve the lives of generations to come.


As part of the rebranding, the team has voted on a new logo aimed at modernizing the company’s image while still holding true to the logo’s picture mark, which symbolizes hits on a microtiter plate. “Our products are designed to enable scientific discovery; experiments are often conducted by screening conditions in microtiter plates, whether to promote crystal growth in protein crystallization or to develop and optimize assays for high throughput screening applications in liquid handling.” Explained Jeremy Stevenson.





The primary colors of the new FORMULATRIX logo are orange and grey, a clear departure from the standard blue logos found throughout the life science industry. FORMULATRIX has chosen to be one of the few companies in the life science industry to stand out, not only in logo design, but also with novel approaches to its automation solutions. The new logo also modernizes the look and feel of the company and is more consistent with the cutting edge products that they aim to launch over the coming years.


To go with the new logo, FORMULATRIX has also launched a new application-focused, streamlined, and modern website so that researchers can more easily identify the benefits of their solutions in the context of their specific application workflows.


FORMULATRIX will be showcasing their new brand identity at trade conferences throughout the world as early as February 2018 including at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Annual Meeting on February 5-7 in San Diego, CA and the 43rd Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function on February 4-8 in Australia.





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