Try Automated Cell Culture at No Cost

Proposals Being Accepted Through November 10th

FORMULATRIX invites all labs, regardless of size, to apply for a 6-month in-house free trial of our automated cell culture system, the CELLMATIC. We are looking to partner with innovative and cutting-edge labs interested in shaping the future of cell biology research. If you find manual cell culture work a bottleneck in your research, apply below by November 10th to be selected for a free trial of our system.


Details about the CELLMATIC Install and Trial:

FORMULATRIX will install the complete system at no cost for up to 6 months of scientific usage starting as early as November 2023. We will handle the installation, support, and servicing of the instrument throughout this period again at no cost. The partnered users will be accountable for all consumable expenses. In exchange for the free trial, FORMULATRIX will request that scientists provide honest testimonials, images, and data to publish as white papers, access to the instrument for demonstration to potential users, and serve as a reference for others interested in the system.

To be considered for the free trial, please submit the form below before November 10th. If you have any questions about submitting a proposal, please email

Submit Your Free Trial Proposal

Describe the experiments and cell culture work you plan to perform using the system, including a detailed description of plate types and volumes. There is no need to disclose the exact cell line types or reagents to be used.

We want the system to be used during the trial. What is your bandwidth and ability to incorporate it into your weekly workflow?

Describe your available budget for consumables, including media and plates, to support the testing and use of the system.

Describe your lab's ability to publicly share information on your use of the CELLMATIC. Please include any limitations or concerns regarding publicly-facing testimonials, white papers, webinars, and potential users coming on-site to demo the instrument.

If the system performs to your expectations, what is your budget availability for 2024 or 2025?

Do you have the needed space for the system?The system requires the following space: Width: 4717 mm (185.7”) Height: 2684 mm (105.6”) Depth: 2007 mm (79”)