Making Liquid Handling Accessible to Everyone: Introducing the FLO i8


Air displacement is a commonly used pipetting technology in manual pipettes and conventional liquid handlers. However, even robotic liquid handlers that remove user error are still affected by the challenges of air displacement. This is because the speed of the plunger and the liquid inside the tip are not always the same. As a result, just like a manual pipette user adjusts the pipetting speed and tip depth to ensure accuracy, automation engineers need to optimize multiple dispensing parameters, such as liquid classes, pipetting heights, and labware definitions. 

Unlike conventional liquid handlers, the FLO i8 uses a flow meter to accurately measure the volume of displaced air and thus the liquid entering or leaving the tip, regardless of viscosity. With liquid class agnosticism, computer vision and dual liquid sensing, the system simplifies the liquid handling process for end users. The 8-channel spanning head can automate most manual workflows, while the intuitive user interface allows for easy operation even by inexperienced users. Say goodbye to the need for laborious optimization and welcome precise, efficient, and effortless liquid handling with the FLO i8.


About the Speaker:

Talha Bin Rahat has a strong background in Forensic Biology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Virology, and laboratory animal handling, he has had the opportunity to utilize their skills in a variety of settings. Holding a Masters's degree in Healthcare Biotechnology, he has over three years of lab experience working under the principles of ISO 17025. He worked on a range of projects, from forensic investigations to disease research. He also gained six months of field experience as a crime and death scene investigator.