Fast Lab-Scale Protein Refolding by Filter Dialysis on the µPULSE® TFF System



In vitro chemical protein refolding is the last resort technique to obtain properly folded and active protein from prokaryotic inclusion bodies. The technique revolves around the controlled removal of denaturing agents.


In this webinar, we will introduce the µPULSE - TFF System. We discuss in detail filter dialysis and its use in protein refolding in comparison to equilibrium dialysis.

Filter dialysis on the µPULSE - TFF System produced higher yields in a completely hands-off procedure taking only a fraction of the time needed for conventional dialysis. This indicates that with some optimization, the µPULSE can be, perhaps, even more gentle than equilibrium dialysis.

Muhmmad Sajed - Application Scientist

About the Speaker:

Muhammad Sajed is currently working at FORMULATRIX as an application scientist for the µPulse-TFF system and its applications in biological research. His areas of expertise include the production and purification of therapeutic enzymes, cell culturing, and industrial biotechnology. Before joining FORMULATRIX, he held positions as a research officer at the University of Punjab and as a lecturer at Lahore Garrison University.