Liquid Handling Software Update


MANTIS® 4.3 provides the latest improvements to make your work easier. Here is a quick preview of the developments for MANTIS 4.3.

Continuous Flow (CF) Calibration Improvement

The Continuous Flow Calibration wizard has been greatly improved, and features a significantly improved calibration accuracy for your Continuous Flow chips. The enhancement includes updating the calibration method for both the CF Silicone and PFE chips. The new calibration is much more thorough and includes measuring the reagent density and defining the viscosity level and bottle specifications, for the most accurate CF dispense we’ve ever offered. For more information, see Calibrating Continuous Flow Chips.

Revamped the Pneumatic System Check for Easier Troubleshooting

MANTIS version 4.3 features a more intuitive Pneumatic System Check. Some improvements include:

  • The Pneumatic System Check window now includes more information about any problems the pneumatic system might have. You can easily hover over the red cross icon to display a brief description of the error, helping you more accurately troubleshoot the issue.
  • The regulator test result table now displays “Unstable” instead of a value under the Actual (psi) and Average (psi) if the measurement fluctuates excessively.
  • The P/V Switch tab has been renamed to Bottle tab for easier identification.
  • If you need help resolving any pneumatic system issues, you can select the new Contact Support and Continue button on the Pneumatic System Check window, allowing you to directly send the error log file to FORMULATRIX support. Or, click the Retry button to check the regulator system once again for confirmation. See Troubleshooting for more information.


Chip, Vacuum, and Bottle Values in the Pneumatic System Check Window

New MANTIS Launcher for Greater Accessibility

Regardless of where it is installed, and the configuration files supplied, MANTIS 4.3 allows you to connect to and control any MANTIS instrument by using data from a connected MANTIS’ internal drive. To run MANTIS from an external source, select the desired drive in the Select Data Source window that will automatically appear when you attach the instrument to your computer, then click Launch. This feature can be especially helpful used, if your institution prohibits execution of programs from a USB drive. For more information, see Running MANTIS from an External Drive.


Select the Data Source from the External Drive

Introducing the Metered Manual Prime Window for Easier Determination of Suitable Priming Volumes

The Manual Prime window will now appear when you click the Manual Prime buttonon the Input Control Panel, allowing you to conveniently define the prime volume for the current chip. This window also displays the current reagent name and chip number for easier identification. For more information, see Priming the Chips.

Manual Prime Window

Enhanced MANTIS Software Installer and Upgrader

The MANTIS software installer and upgrader has been improved to be able to backup and restore your MANTIS data if an error occurs during the installation and/or software upgrade process. This way, should you encounter any problems during the installation/upgrade process, you can restore MANTIS to the previous version, ensuring that you can still work with MANTIS while the issue is being resolved. If the problem persists, follow the on-screen instructions in the Installation wizard, or click Open Log File to copy the error message and send it to FORMULATRIX support.


Other Improvements

MANTIS has added several other improvements for better usability, including:

  • You can now control multiple MANTIS RFID instruments from one computer. Each instance of the MANTIS software will bind to it's own RFID MANTIS.
  • Made the coordinate displayed for well positions in the MANTIS Plate Type Editor more human-readable.
  • Improved the Dispense Mode tooltip information in the Input Source Type window of the MANTIS software to be more descriptive.
  • Improved the Online License Activation in MANTIS. When a service contract is extended, the license gets updated on the central server. The system will detect that and automatically update the existing license to the latest one.
  • Added the Contact Support Now and Snooze Notifications options to the Preventive Maintenance notification. Select the Contact Support Now button to directly send the maintenance request to FORMULATRIX support or click the dropdown icon on the Snooze Notifications button to turn off the notification for 3 days, one week, 15 days, or to permanently turn it off.

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