Protein Crystallization Software Update




ROCK IMAGER® 3.5 includes improvements for all types of imagers and optical setups to make your research easier. Here is a quick look at some of the new developments:




ROCK IMAGER is now Windows 10 compatible


ROCK IMAGER now supports Windows 10 (64-bit). However, due to the lack of a suitable QImaging camera driver, certain customers may need to purchase a new camera for their imagers in order to use future versions of the software on Windows 10 (64-bit).


Please contact for a quote or to determine whether or not your camera needs to be replaced, if you intend to upgrade to Windows 10.


Important Note: ROCK IMAGER version 3.5 is the last version that will support Windows XP. For future releases of the software, the ROCK IMAGER server will need to be upgraded to a supported version of Windows: either Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), or Windows 10 64-bit.


Please contact if you need help upgrading your Windows operating system.



ROCK IMAGER Memory Optimization

The previous ROCK IMAGER release (version 3.4) had some severe problems with memory leaks, which affected some of our customers. A few heavy users reported frequent crashes and the need to restart the software once a day. With ROCK IMAGER 3.5, memory use has been optimized to stop these crashes from happening. Lower memory consumption also improves the performance of ROCK IMAGER and your PC as a whole.



Auto-Leveling Enabled for Extended Focus Image (EFI) View

The latest ROCK IMAGER software enables you to use the auto-leveling feature when you are in EFI view. This feature allows you to more clearly view crystals from the ROCK IMAGER software. For more information, read Extended Focus Image (EFI) Sub-Tab.






Use Digital Zoom on Drop Locations and Regions of Interest for UV and MFI Imaging

ROCK IMAGER 3.5 enables you to use digital zoom for Ultraviolet (UV) and Multi-Fluorescence Imaging (MFI). This zooms in your UV and MFI images to the same field of view (FOV) as visible images, so that when you view them in ROCK MAKER® you do not need to zoom in manually. To enable digital zoom, change the Drop Location from Fixed to Locate in the Plate Type Editor. For more information, read Using the Plate Type Editor. Please note that this feature will work only if you have a 9 MP UV camera. Contact if you need help finding your camera type.



Stop the Ejection of Expired Plates

ROCK IMAGER 3.5 provides you with the Cancel Eject Expired Plates option in the Load Port menu to stop the movement of all expired plates from the hotel storage to the load port. This way, you will be able to easily add new plates to the load port without having to wait for the expired plates’ ejection process to finish.


Cancel Eject Expired Plates
Cancel Eject Expired Plates


Minor Software Changes

  • Fixed a problem where auto-leveling of colored MFI images was not working correctly in ROCK MAKER.
  • To help you manage your plate collection better, we added the State column to the Load Port menu to display whether plates are expired or active.

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