Protein Crystallization Software Update


ROCK MAKER 3.16 includes some improvements to make your research easier. Here is a quick look at some of the new developments for ROCK MAKER 3.16.

Effortlessly Add Multiple Fragments and Ligands to ROCK MAKER and Use Them in your Co-Crystallization Experiments

ROCK MAKER 3.16 features the new
Fragment Screen option on the Home ribbon that makes adding and managing fragment screens much more convenient. This feature is particularly useful for researchers performing structure-based drug discovery using small molecule fragments.

The New Fragment Screen in ROCK MAKER 3.16

Minor Software Change:

  • Dates in both ROCK MAKER and ROCK MAKER Web are now formatted as YYYY-MM-DD to conform to the international standard. This change takes place in all areas that use dates, such as in the Date Created field of the Experiment tab and in the thumbnail that appears in the Navigator area when you select the Thumbnail View mode. 



  • You can now create a .ZIP file containing RockMaker logs, database statistics, and system properties by clicking the Application Menu button, pointing to Support Tools and selecting the Compile Logs option. This way, you can easily compile and email all important information to FORMULATRIX support for better troubleshooting. You can also specify the number of days worth of logs to collect in the compilation in order to manage the file size. 



  • Now, ROCK MAKER will update the Date Created field in the Experiment Info panel of the Experiment tab every time a screen is updated or changed. This helps you easily keep track of all your experiment updates. 



  • Fixed an issue where the ROCK MAKER installer in the RockMakerStorage folder couldn’t be copied to another computer on the same network.

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