µPULSE Software Update 3.1

µPULSE 3.1 introduces a host of enhancements designed to streamline your work flow. Let's take a brief glimpse at the key advancements in µPULSE 3.1.


The Mixing Cycle feature helps to maintain sample uniformity and a consistent filtration performance over time. During mixing, the sample is recirculated across the filter medium, preventing localized high concentrations. Hence, we offer a mixing cycle feature, conveniently accessible through the following menus:


  • In AUTO PROFILE, use manual mixing or auto mixing cycle.
  • Manual Mixing: Tap the MIXING CYCLE button in the middle of the concentration.
  • Auto Mixing: Go to the General Setup of the Advanced Setup menu. Then, activate the Auto Mixing toggle button and fill in Auto Mixing Every and Mixing Cycle fields.
<I>Mixing Cycle Setup in Auto Profile</I>
Mixing Cycle Setup in Auto Profile


In the MANUAL PROFILE menu, you have the flexibility to select TUBE MIXING and/or RECIRCULATION. Customize the number of pumps and the duration for more precise control over the Mixing Cycle process.

<I>Mixing Cycle Setup in Manual Profile</I>
Mixing Cycle Setup in Manual Profile

A 15 mL Conical Tube Selection

µPULSE v3 now supports 15 mL conical tubes, accommodating formulations with smaller volumes, especially if you are in an earlier stage of experiments. You can select the conical tube option in the following process under the AUTO PROFILE menu:

  • Concentrate
  • Concentrate Two Tubes
  • Buffer Exchange
<I>Conical Tube Selection in Auto Profile</I>
Conical Tube Selection in Auto Profile

Minor Software Changes

µPULSE has added several improvements for better usability:

  • Improved the Diaphragm Pressure control under the AUTO PROFILE menu so you can control the pressure of the following processes.
    • Prime
    • Concentrate
    • Buffer Exchange
  • Improved the time zone and date activation during the trial license.
  • Improved the GRAPH display precision under the AUTO PROFILE menu.


Many of the best µPULSE software updates have been suggested by our awesome user community!

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