Using Positive Displacement Dispensing to Improve Automated High Throughput Assays

Presented by: Duane Currier of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital,
Co-Host: HighRes biosciences

Three years ago, my group evaluated new reagent dispensers to replace our outdated WellMates. We implemented a multi-product dispenser strategy that included the Tempest as the low-volume dispenser. Since integrating the Tempest into our automated high throughput screening systems, several screening campaigns have benefited from their new capabilities. The low dead volumes reduced costs for expensive reagents, the many reagent inputs enabled simultaneous dispensing of multiple reagents saving time and requiring fewer dispensers, and the reproducibility improved the quality of our assay data. We will describe our experiences with integrated Tempest dispensers running a range of high throughput assays.

About the Presenter

Duane Currier is an Automation Specialist in the High Throughput Bioscience Center, a division of the Chemical Biology and Therapeutics Department at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Working with the other members of his team, he provides complete automation support to the varied high throughput projects that approach the center for assistance.

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