Co-crystallization of CXCR4 in complex with small molecule anti-HIV compounds


About Leepakshi Khurana, Ph.D.

Dr. Khurana did her post-doctoral research as part of the Lolis Lab at the Yale University Department of Pharmacology.  There, she was an R&D scientist focusing her research on the structural biology of GPCRs and cancer. She established and optimized protocols to streamline GPCR expression in insect cell lines using baculovirus systems and redesigned protein purification strategies to improve GPCR yield and purity for X-ray crystallography of the purified products.

About the Presentation

Presented by Leepakshi Khurana, Ph.D. - Department of Pharmacology, Yale University. Part of the Protein Crystallization Automation 2019 Webinar Series by FORMULATRIX.