Formulatrix Protein Crystallization Hardware Updates & Feedback


This webinar highlights recent advancements in protein crystallization hardware, featuring the Rock Imager 360® (RI360), NT8® drop setter V4, and µPulse® - TFF V3. The RI360 offers the highest plate storage capacity and refrigeration, representing notable improvements in benchtop imaging technology. The NT8 V4 introduces significant hardware enhancements, including an upgraded dispensing mechanism for increased accuracy and reduced maintenance. It also features a faster, more precise laser-assisted auto-calibration system, replacing manual calibration.

Figure 1. Recent developments in protein crystallization hardware by FORMULATRIX

Additionally, Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control ensures superior humidity management, providing a stable environment for crystallization experiments. The upgraded µPulse V3 includes an enhanced permeate collector, compatibility with 15 mL tubes, and improved volume tracking, making it a versatile solution for concentration, buffer exchange, and solubilization processes. Overall, these advancements offer researchers greater efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in their protein crystallization experiments.