High-Throughput Crystallization Screening And Detection:

A View From The Cutting Edge


About Sarah EJ Bowman, Ph.D.

Sarah Bowman received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Rochester.  She was an HHMI/NIH postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Catherine Drennan’s and Collin Stultz’s labs, and then a postdoctoral fellow in Bioenergy and Biome Sciences at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  She joined HWI in 2017 as the Director of the High-Throughput Crystallization Screening Center (HTCSC). In the HTCSC, Sarah and her group are working to enable better techniques for detection of nanocrystals and new methods for in situ X-ray data collection.  Sarah is also working on developing methods to probe metal and radical containing biomolecules using combined X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic approaches.

About the HTCSC at Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute

Since the HTCSC began operating in February 2000, they have aided researchers in solving crystal structures of hundreds of proteins.  In the past year alone, the HTCSC was cited in research publications for screening the conditions that led to structure determination of 11 protein structures.  The HTCSC has been involved in a multi-institutional collaboration called MAchine Recognition of Crystallization Outcomes (MARCO), which has developed automatic image analysis methods for crystallization experiments.  The advanced imaging capabilities at the HTCSC significantly aids in the detection of protein crystals, especially micro- and nano-crystals that cannot be easily identified with traditional visible microscopy. The use of automation and advanced imaging technologies has enabled HTCSC to develop screening experiments quickly and increase the likelihood of crystal detection.

About the Presentation

Dr. Bowman presented this talk as part of the Protein Crystallization Webinar Series 2018 hosted by FORMULATRIX on October 23, 2018.


If you would like more information about the HTCSC, please send an email to htslab@hwi.buffalo.edu or sbowman@hwi.buffalo.edu.


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