NT8® v4

NT8® v4

Drop Setter / Crystallization Robot

Efficient and Sustainable Crystallization Automation

Crystallization robots offer an efficient solution for laboratories seeking to optimize their experiments while minimizing costs and environmental impact. These innovative machines, such as the NT8® - Drop Setter, facilitate precise and rapid drop dispensing, catering to a range of experimental setups, including hanging drop, sitting drop, microbatch, and in meso Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) experiments. Equipped with an 8-tip head, the NT8 allows for the dispensing of drops ranging from 10 nL to 1.5 μL, ensuring both accuracy and flexibility. By incorporating reusable dispensing tips, laboratories can curtail expenditure and reduce waste, with the option to wash and reuse tips between operations.

The integration of proportionally controlled active humidification safeguards against sample evaporation, elevating the reproducibility of experiments. With the capability to operate seamlessly in temperature-controlled rooms, even at 4°C, the NT8 crystallization robot provides a versatile solution for a diverse array of crystallization experiments. Notably, the integration with the ROCK MAKER - Crystallization Software enhances the overall efficiency and convenience of the crystallization process.