Iterative Screen Optimization Maximizes

Macromolecular Crystallization Efficiency

harrison jones mclellan lab

About Mr. Harrison Jones

Harrison earned a BS in Chemistry from the University of Utah in 2012. He worked at UCSD's Moores Cancer Center from 2012-2013 assisting in CLL clinical trials and characterizing novel pharmaceuticals. He joined the Dartmouth MD-PhD program in 2013 and his work primarily focuses on structural biology and biochemistry of respiratory viruses.

About the University of Texas at Austin

We are interested in elucidating the molecular mechanisms of host–pathogen interactions, particularly those involving viral glycoproteins. For this research, we exploit the synergy that exists between basic and translational science. Namely, the determination of structures and the development of tools needed to answer basic science questions can be translated into therapeutic interventions, which in turn can be used as reagents to further illuminate biological processes.

About the Presentation

Harrison presented this talk as part of the Protein Crystallization Webinar Series 2018 hosted by FORMULATRIX on October 23, 2018.


Jones, H. G., Wrapp, D., Gilman, M. S. A., Battles, M. B., Wang, N., Sacercote, S., Chuang, G., Kwong, P.D., McLellan, J.S. (2018). Acta Cryst. F. Submitted, under review.